SIMon Mobile – Simon goes Hollywood

How could it get any better? As film enthusiasts, this time we were allowed to let Simon slip into the roles of heroes from well-known film classics. And this is just the beginning of a whole series of spots where Simon acts out various Hollywood blockbusters. Have fun with ‘A Unique Offer’, ‘The Return of the Gigabytes’, ‘King of Deals’, ‘The Dark Simon’ and ‘Please not SlytherSim’ as well as a few film trailers that whet your appetite for the first Simon movie. Conceived by the fantastic SIMon Mobile Team and Parasol Island, produced by Parasol Island.

Director: Izzy Acar
Audioproduction: TRO GmbH

SIMon Mobile

Animation , Digital

The Return of the Gigabytes

King of Deals

Please not SlytherSim

The Dark Simon

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