Volkswagen AG – Code of Conduct

We were more than happy to be chosen as the agency partner to create Volkswagen Group´s third version of the official global document, THEIR CODE, the ethical and values-based foundation for acting with integrity and in compliance with the rules in the Volkswagen Group. It serves as a binding guideline for all employees in all brands and companies – all over the world.

The task

We were asked to create the new version of the Volkswagen Code of Conduct. A document for over 650,000 Volkswagen employees worldwide. A document that must fulfill and embody its function as a legal contract document and reference work.

The idea

But the code of conduct can be so much more. It can create access and identity. Another goal must therefore be to transfer it to an emotional level and create a sense of community, belonging and identity. This is the only way it can get into people’s hearts and thus into the culture they live in.

The solution

The Volkswagen Code of Conduct has a structure based on the theme of integrity. It connects the inseparable: Taking responsibility always requires personal action. That’s why the structure is not based on abstract blocks of topics, but on a human-centered picture drawn from the inside out – with a personal approach and easy-to-understand, reproducible illustrations. With a narrative that is used in claims, manifesto and an announcement campaign.

If you want to have a more detailed look into the Volkswagen – Code of Conduct: Link