MAN – Simple as that

Realignment of the employer brand after a good ten years. Including the launch campaign, from concept and design to production to roll-out.

The task

The transformation of mobility and transportation has a significant impact on the labour market – it became even tougher. MAN is in strong competition with any company and brand of the industry, and increasingly often even beyond. 

The idea

Shaping cities of tomorrow, coding future mobility, perfecting parts, building your kids’ school bus and very serious vehicles. Whatever your individual motivation is: MAN is the answer. Because MAN is more. More teamwork, more cohesion. Less hurdles, less blah blah blah.

Simple as that.

The solution

Sometimes, it’s quite simple: What do you need to feel comfortable? To work better? To feel respected and valued? What do we have to do to save the climate? And why, actually? At MAN, we keep it simple. And so achieve more, for you, our customers, society and planet. Simple as that – is pure MAN spirit, transported via film and in every campaign asset An employer branding campaign based on both facts and feeling – because that’s the point.