HAIBIKE – Deny gravity

Disruption needs distinction, right? Welcome to our latest brand & bike campaign for HAIBIKE – way above average.

The task

HAIBIKE is the pioneer of eMTBs. A brand that is rethinking the entire bike industry. And as if that wasn’t enough, they asked us to develop a campaign to disrupt the industry (again) and demonstrate realness as a brand.

The idea

HAIBIKE gives people the power and confidence to do more. To conquer grounds previously only accessible in their wildest dreams. Let our physics defying machines turn your world upside down and embrace your true potential. All it takes is a shift in your conscious-ness. Deny the lie and free yourself from the shackles of gravity.

Deny gravity.

The solution

Disruption needs distinction. And this is not an average bike campaign. It is less about action – since biking action is (almost) maxed out. It’s more about the feeling your last adventure leaves, the afterglow and its empowerer – us. Welcoming you to the inner circle of HAIBIKE. Here we share our ancient wisdom of gravity. Break free, it’s all in the mind. A strong statement, mani-fested in various campaign elements, from brand to product, from polished to behind the scenes.