Virtual Fitting

Preview image of “Virtual Fitting”
  • Dream haircut via app
  • Photos: Hairfit, Shutterstock
Community features for your hairdresser visit

Korean start-up Virtualive is
launching an AR app to help you choose your next haircut.

Whether at home or at the salon, it all starts with a selfie. The app “Hairfit” offers integrated virtual face recognition in camera mode, which takes specific facial shapes into account. This makes it possible to create a lifelike image of the user, with eyes and head moving interactively. In the next step, users can draw inspiration from different hairstyles in the broad media library. The suggestions are based on current fashion and pop culture, with special attention to the latest trends of the big K-pop influencers.

There is also a selection of helpful articles on hip cuts and a style guide that emulates in-store advice. Finally, when trying out hairstyles on your own head, size and position can be flexibly generated for a perfect fit. The result can now be modified in colour, so that no further questions remain unanswered when you get to the salon.