Telehealth For Him & Her

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All on one platform – beauty, wellness and health for men

A US wellness and beauty start-up focuses on telemedicine and taboo topics.

In 2017, the brand Hims was launched in California to target men in the topic of wellness and beauty. In view of the statistic that only one in ten men will talk to their doctors about certain issues, Hims sold treatments through a telemedicine service that could provide discreet and easy online access. In 2018, Hims was joined by Hers, to offer the same kind of service to women.

The business sells sexual wellness products, skincare applications and hair loss treatments. Erectile dysfunction medication is sold alongside anti-aging sets and melatonin supplements.

What’s more, consumers can buy these products directly through a telemedicine platform where they are paired with a doctor, assured of data privacy, advised on what to get, and prescribed the goods, where possible. Then, they just have to wait for the delivery.

The successful formula was proven early in 2019 when Hims became the second-fastest start-up to join the unicorn club.