Vertical Racing Machine

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  • Popular in the USA: The Jetson One
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Frame technology from race cars makes the drone light and fast.

The first 200 models of the Jetson One will be delivered from mid-2023 onwards.

While other companies in the EVTOL industry are advancing mass transportation with flying taxis, the Swedish company has different motivations. “We simply want to bring joy,” says Peter Ternström, founder of Jetson. The Jetson One allows everyone to “discover the fascination of flying.”

The delivery of the first 200 units of the eight-motor-powered aircraft will take place in 2023. About half of the orders come from the United States, where pilots do not require a license to operate it. However, the applicable regulations for ultralight aircraft must be observed, such as the prohibition of flying at night or in densely populated areas, as well as near airports.

Thanks to an intelligent flight computer, the control of the Jetson One is meant to be intuitive and easy to learn. An automatic landing function and obstacle detection are intended to assist the pilots. The aircraft features a sturdy safety cell and technology that is meant to ensure flight capability even in the event of an engine failure. In May 2023, Jetson also announced a partnership with ParaZero, a company specializing in safety systems for manned EVTOLs. The aim of the collaboration is to integrate parachute safety systems into the next generation of the Jetson One. For Stéphan D’haene, Jetson’s new CEO, the safety of the flight experience is a top priority: “ParaZero’s unique Low-Altitude Airframe Recovery System complements our propulsion and failure mitigation systems. We are focused on a complete and integrated safety solution.”

The Jetson One is composed of a lightweight aluminum space frame inspired by racing cars and a carbon-kevlar composite body. The aircraft, weighing 86 kilograms, reaches a top speed of 102 km/h. Its high-performance lithium-ion battery provides a flight time of up to 20 minutes. As of 2024, there are already 83 pre-orders, and a few units are still available for delivery next year at a price of $98,000 USD.