Sustainable Packaging Solution

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  • Nature as a model for an environmentally friendly bioplastics
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In addition to food packaging, the company is also exploring options for the clothing industry

With the world gone plastic
conscious, TIPA is working on making packaging ecological.

“Packaging should behave just like an orange peel, so nature won’t even notice we’re here,” says TIPA, a company founded by Daphna Nissenbaum and Tal Neuman, as a response to a pressing global challenge. Food and beverage packaging is behind two-thirds of the world’s plastic waste. By some estimates less than 10% of plastic packaging is recycled. To tackle the issue, TIPA has assembled a interdisciplinary team of doctors, chemistry and bioplastics specialists, and food engineers. The goal is for flexible packaging to have the same end-life as organic matter, while still providing the durability, transparency and shelf life of the classic product. And this goes beyond food – the portfolio is intended to fit diverse sectors, such as magazines and fashion apparel.

The multilayer packaging is made from a blend of polymers fully compostable in 180 days. Going for a circular economy approach, all the company’s range complies with standard EU regulations for composting. In September 2019, TIPA secured 25 million $ of investment in its latest financing round.