Less Is More

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  • Make-up artist Adam de Cruz founded A.D.C.
  • .D.C., Mirai
A.D.C. started with a single product

Young beauty brands plead for minimalism, naturalness and conscious consumption.

As in many other areas of everyday life, the beauty industry is increasingly trending away from the product overkill of recent years, towards the selective consumption of high-quality products. Major social issues such as sustainability, veganism and equitable supply chains are also playing an important role in cosmetics. Brands like Mirai Clinical, Illum and A.D.C. Beauty are aggressively promoting the reduction of their domestic product ranges, while providing impulses related to how the user can consume more sustainably and consciously.

Mirai Clinical presents natural skin products, deodorants and care oils. The Japanese skincare collective recently made waves on social media with its “skin fasting” method. The aim is to reduce skincare to an absolute minimum over a period of time.

Illum presents a similar approach with its “You deserve less” philosophy, focusing on a clear repertoire of high-quality products with few but concentrated ingredients, free of chemical additives, colourants and artificial fragrances.

The range of the US brand A.D.C. contains only one cream, but combines the functions of several products, all packaged sustainably in containers made from glass and recycled coffee cups.