Urban Jungle

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  • Both showroom for environmentally conscious households and community space
  • Photos: Ikea
Plants are a consistent design element

The Swedish furniture giant is boosting its green credentials with a new store format.

In Szczecin, Poland, Ikea has presented a new concept store focusing on sustainability, waste reduction and resource efficiency. Under the name Home of Tomorrow, only sustainably produced and recycled furniture is on offer. The store’s furnishings are dominated by natural materials and plants. The philosophy behind it refers to the 4-R strategy: Reuse, refurbish, remake and recycle. In addition, Ikea presents composting and self-sufficiency systems that can be integrated.

In addition to intelligent living concepts, the designers of the store are also concerned with a completely different element: the well-being of its homeowners. One wall, for example, has a digital light therapy installation, Home Sun, which resembles sunlight, improves the mood, and thus naturally promotes relaxation. The entire building is designed to be interactive, and visitors are encouraged to participate. Guests can experience a waste-free kitchen, take part in workshops, and exchange ideas with experts on how to implement a more sustainable lifestyle in their own homes.

In June 2020, the Swedish furniture giant joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a strategic partner with the aim of becoming a circular business by 2030. In addition to the development of new, sustainable services for consumers, this also includes an increased focus on the value of the products and materials used, which are to be preserved and reused over many generations in a closed-loop system.

Sustainably produced furniture