REWE Group – Corporate Website

When you’re old, you’re old – that’s what it means in the digital world. The previous website was just that: old. – Slow, error-prone, unnecessarily complicated to use and manage. A website that was no longer able to fulfill the needs. Neither for the users, nor for REWE Group. So we rethought and redesigned for a better future at

The task

Leading in retail and tourism – REWE Group aims to be a driving force for socially relevant topics in the retail industry. Accordingly, the website will no longer be just a digital hub for the company’s issues – it will become a digital hub that reflects the values and principles that the cooperative group stands for. From sustainability and environmental responsibility to diversity and inclusivity, will authentically reflect what it means to be a responsible and socially responsible company.

The idea

A centralized hub for addressing the diverse needs of various stakeholders, including journalists, NGOs and political entities, applicants, industry and economy, end users, both internal and external. Equipped with a sophisticated system that ensures a steady stream of high-quality content, enabling proactive engagement on key issues rather than just reacting to them – because if you want to drive topics, you can’t run after them.

Topic driver

What do all target groups have in common? Exactly, they want uncomplicated and transparent messages, clear statements and valuable Content. They don’t spend a lot of time searching for information, they just find it. Sometimes functional, sometimes emotional, but always quick and intuitive to use. Easy and efficient communications – Welcome to the new


Whether in the media, NGOs or politics, no one has the time or inclination to research the same thing twice, three or more times. Our solution: Collections. Collect information, articles, contributions and save them for later sessions and expand them if necessary. No more scouring the internet for that one piece of information you read weeks ago. Now, all of your resources are conveniently stored in one place, ready to be referenced and expanded upon whenever you need them. Goodbye to repetitive research and hi to more time for the things that really matter.

Press & Media

Unlock the world of endless possibilities – For journalists, we provide everything to support clean and thorough research. From a quick overview to a deep dive. It’s all about saving time, information, everything downloadable and shareable, good search and even personal contact. Functional and intuitive to use as well. Let us support your research journey and bring your stories to life.

The outcome

A comprehensive digital hub, a clever system, a systemic design. Powerful search functions meet intuitive operation. The REWE Group website brings topics to the point in a transparent and user-friendly manner. With its intelligent system in the background, it can be quickly filled with high-quality content. It is easy to maintain – and the point of contact for all target groups, for socially relevant topics in the retail industry. The new benchmark!