FC Schalke 04
Mobile App

After we successfully relaunched the website in 2017, it was clear that the same digital experience had to be offered to the passionate royal blue supporters via a new mobile app. But not just any mobile app – one of the best clubs in the world needed one of the best apps in the world. Follow the press conference live before the next match, find the fastest way to the kiosk in the stadium and read current statistics on your smartphone during the match: The new official app of FC Schalke 04 makes it possible!

FC Schalke 04


The task

Above all, the most important requirement was that the performance, function & development of the app reflect the quality, passion and tradition of the club. What was desired was a unique and comprehensive brand and user experience in the entire Schalke world that lived up to the spirit of the times. In addition, the app should map all digital services of Schalke 04 in the form of individual containers and play or display the individual containers according to the situation or location.

The solution

We completely rethought the current app, redesigned it and gave it a more modern design to avoid any more discrepancies to the website. For this purpose we have developed an integrated solution to improve existing weakness, ensure a seamless user experience and create a solid foundation for new requirements.


Furthermore we wanted the app to be your best companion during a visit in the stadium. Users are able to buy and share their tickets directly within the app, so the mobile phone becomes the entrance ticket to the stadium.


Schalke has been straight forward in their payment options in the stadium, if its via the integrated chip in the jersey or a your own member card. Now we just took the next logical step and added a built-in payment system to the app, just pay with your smartphone when you have nothing else at hand. – Coming later this year.


The core of the app, everything surrounding a match – before, during and after. The section is constantly changing in order to get the newest info and most important statistics directly to the user.

Situational Content

Depending on the time and location relating to a match the content on the homescreen adapts. It shows the user different content during the match and depends on whether you are watching the game in the stadium or at home.This way we can get the most important content to the user, that he might be interested in at that particular time and space, without having to look for it in the app.


The new app is pushing the club FC Schalke 04 forward to be the Bundeliga’s digital leader and completes the digital ecosystem as well as mobile experience for every fan of the club so far.