FC Schalke 04
Digital Ecosystem

An innovative leap forward for the digital experience both in and out of the stadium. The website relaunch for the Bundesliga team FC Schalke 04 is packed with an integrated mobile, desktop, and smart TV solution.

FC Schalke 04


The Task

Why should it matter if you are in the stadium or on a barstool, you should get your team’s info anywhere, anytime. We created a fully integrated, multi-device platform that delivers live team news, statistics, and video on-demand. The website is provided in multiple languages for the millions of international fans. Full access – all provided with a single login.



Schalke TV


Match Center

Real-time game stats are fed into the improved match center. The Schalke match center is a highly detailed, game statistic dashboard that auto updates, archiving each game in the match center history.

Live Ticker

Fans are not always in front of the TV or at the stadium. The new Schalke live ticker pushes live game stats for every game. When fans visit the site during a game, mobile screens are converted to the ticker dashboard and live game notifications are pushed to the site’s header. The royal blue fans will never miss a play again.


The team section of the new Schalke page has also been given an overhaul. A rarely seen video portrait has been created for each team member. Most of us are familiar with such a design from video games, but by using this, we are able to transport a real-life impression of each player, the trainers, and the medical team.

News Center

You can not trust everything you see on the Internet these days, but when it comes directly from Schalke, you’re able to rest easy. The Schalke news center is an intuitive information portal that provides an optimized reading experience on any device.

Video On-Demand

The full HD and smartTV paid video service of the new Schalke TV is the only place for watching Schalke games, interviews, press conferences and behind the scenes content of the team.


Live and Direct

Schalke is now able to stream any and all content directly through the website. The new live and direct functionality will allow any press conference or breaking news update to be pushed directly to the fan base.

Paid Content

We have also consolidated the Schalke TV subscriptions options into two, easy-to-understand membership types, Schalke TV and Schalke TV Komplett. Now, seconds after the whistle, the drastically improved streaming service receives the game for all Schalke fans to relive!


KOMPLETT Play Button

Auf Kohle geboren

The history of FC Schalke 04 is strong and proud. Gelsenkirchen and FC Schalke 04 have literally been born from the coal mines in the area, “Auf Kohle geboren” some may say. The entire site sits on a footer of coal. A small Easter egg, hidden at the bottom, will return the fan to the top of the page – It says “Glück Auf”, which is a traditional saying from one coal miner to another.