Social Media Lead

PENNY – the imperfect wanted neighbour. The discounter presents itself as the person next door, which most stores literally are. We helped them to transport this likeable character not only to the social media world, but also the digital one as well.

Penny Markt


The Situation

It is 2013 and PENNY is looking for a digital partner to tackle the Social Media world. Current state: no Facebook, no Instagram, basically nothing. We won the pitch for Social Media lead and have since then been their partner advising, ideating, creating and producing content for the channels we established with PENNY.


First Step: Facebook

Facebook was the focal channel for the start. We developed a clear strategy in terms of content, community and workflow that would help us long term. Throughout the years, we created one of the industry’s most active communities thanks to activating content formats, special cases and highly active community management. Additionally, we established Social Media guidelines and used Facebook’s several new functionalities such as in-channel landingpages for digital campaigns and content pieces. → Check out the Facebook Channel

all the time

Experimental Campaigns

What we didn’t do: blindfolded jump into the next upcoming Social Media channel. But what we did do: test it. To see if it fits PENNY’s needs and how PENNY is perceived. Also, we used different channels as part of overall campaigns. Therefore, Snapchat and Tinder were also on the channel list we created content for. — Long story short: we are always looking out what can be interesting for PENNY.


Joining Instagram

Facebook was and is running great. Yet, we knew we had to expand to the growing Instagram world. Therefore we were working on strategies and ideas until PENNY and we found what felt right. After joining, we quickly had a very high Follower volume of our existing community and of newbies enjoying the content we share. → Check out the Instagram Channel


Cornerpiece Influencers

Establishing PENNY channels on Social Media platforms for sure was the right thing to do to show the PENNY character. Within our overall strategy we now included Influencers – or ‚partnerships‘ as we like to call them – to reach a greater audience. To tell and most of all and show people what PENNY stands for.


Jump on Tik Tok

The next step was a no-brainer: Let’s do Tik Tok. We created severall ways of using the platform for PENNY’s case in order to find the right PENNY characteristic tone. Adding another channel to PENNY’s digital communcation and overall talking to the people PENNY is made for: everyone. → Check out the Tik Tok Channel

The Workflow

Our successfully implemented workflow relies on three main pillars: The editorial plan, in-house content production & design, as well as community management. As a fully integrated creative shop we can offer these services to any client right away. This has proven as very helpful in the fast living world of Social Media channels as it offers a quick, easy and transparent communication with PENNY.

Editorial Plan

Self-made. Our editorial plan has two perspectives: the editor and the client’s perspective. The difference: the client’s persepctive is a preview of how a post will look. Including image, copy, channel, content format and feedback input. The editor’s perspective is a list of the posts with pre-defined and adjustable input fields for the client’s preview. Also, it shows the money spent in order to keep an overview. The plan shows one month and is a shared link – we can plan ahead but also add or make changes on short notice and everybody will be on track.

Inhouse Content Production & Design

We value high quality – also in out assets for Social Media. Thus, we shoot content pieces PENNY needs ourselves. In our own kitchen or anywhere it fits. And not just that. We also created a visual language based on PENNY’s values. Logo placements, adjustments or optimization – everything happens in our house. Our editorial team and design team work hand in hand which helps to create a matching copy to the visual – or the other way round. Again: quick, easy and transparent.

Community Management

Social Media is a place of versatile communication topics. Especially for PENNY it is more than showing recipes. It is also helping users and customers with any problems of questions they have. Following a holistic approach, we connected our community management to the existing PENNY infrastructure and help to optimize it for digital communication. Thus, and the fact that we create everything inhouse help us to communicate with the community fast and effective. Whether it’s helping with a problem, selecting winners of raffles, inspiring, or just for the sake of talking to each other.

The outcome

Fun. Authentic communication. And the establishment of a longterm partnership supporting PENNY in any Social Media needs. Thousands of projects, day to day business and highlight cases as well. Oh, and we have some impressive numbers to show, too.

~ 320

organic posts per year on Facebook

> 3000

Content Pieces a year on Facebook


average response time. competitors: 16h


Facebook interactions per 1k followers. Competitors: 584

~ 520

organic content pieces per year on Instagram

> 1000

Content Pieces a year on Instagram


average Instagram profile reach per day


Instagram interactions per 1k followers. Competitors: 846

Highlight Cases


A series of concerned PENNY customers feared the loss of traditional christmas chocolate figures due to an additional, neutral chocolate figure – the so called Zipfelmann. The concerns and our reaction started a huge buzz around the figure. We took this as a chance to showcase PENNY’s stand on social topics and take the buzz to the next level with every year, as the Zipfelmann appeared every year around christmas.

→ Full Case

Kräuter Tour with Wilke Zierden

In 2018, party experiences were usually shown on Social Media after they have happened. We invited a sympathic young man named Wilke Zierden to three main festivals. With his friends he took users along his „Kräuter Tour“ – a tour a festivals, challenges and chaotic fun. Almost as if users were in site with him. Not only was it a great festival summer, but it also hepled Wilke to become a huge Influencer in Germany and add 51k followers after the tour.

→ Full Case

Bathrobe Promotion

A day in the life of Influencer Mononews: He shopped at his local PENNY store in a bathrobe. Afterwards he proclaimed being kicked out because of his clothing style and told his community about it. Comments showed that PENNY’s supposed action was disliked – so we reacted. We used the day of the bathrobes as an invitation for everyone to shop in a store while wearing a bathrobe. Everybody who does so, could get a discount as well. Even Momonews liked this and updated his community about the news. The outcome was impressive as PENNY had over average impressions and follower gain on the day we called out the promotion. Turning a possible shitstorm into fun and a saving promotion for everyone.

Easter Best Moments

Easter 2020 was the first during the Covid pandemic. That speacial Easter was celebrated in #stayathome style. Still PENNY had their own product line „Best Moments“ for the holidays. We kept the mind of celebrating together but transfered the execution into a safe way with the help of several influencers. The magic trick: we created two storylines. One was preparing a meal with the products, the other was supporting the family spirit by gifting a easter basket to a special person.

→ Full Case