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Kräuter Tour 2018

Bigger, Louder and more chaotic: In the summer of 2018 PENNY took over the Hurricane, Parookaville and Highfield festivals like no year before! Each festival received a massive PENNY market smack-dab in the middle of the campground, providing affordable food and equipment for everyone. This means no need to bring beer or a tent, PENNY has your back!

The task

Our task was to celebrate 2018 as the biggest year to date for PENNY & PENNY GOES PARTY. We showcased the market as the place for the people, be it on the festival grounds for beer and coffee or back home for butter and bread… but, each festival does have its own style and flavor, attracting all types of different people. So how did we reach the different fans and get people to talk about us? We joined forces with the rising influencer star and festival guru Wilke Zierden to take us through the summer! If you don’t know him Wilke is a hilarious, chaotic and sympathetic party animal… perfect for any festival!

The idea

As said, each of the festivals has its own flavor or in Wilke’s words “Kräuter” so we teamed up with the loud mouth and his crew, sending them on a “Kräuter Tour” to discover what makes each of the music festivals unique. Packing the group in a broken down camper, we sent them throughout Germany capturing the entire summer through a series of videos for our fans. Besides giving a behind the scenes look at each PENNY market, Wilke got the chance to beat his friends through different challenges and party games where they had to find the craziest and most “Kräuter” filled campers at each festival.

Huh? Who is Wilke Zierden?!

A loveable North German or “Ostfrisian” that delivers snackbar poetry with his perfect hair and mettwurst “körper” – one that you just want to hug. Wilke is a man that can get any party startered with his iron stomach that never has enough rum & cola. We met Wilke last year as his small but loyal following was just beginning bloom. The success of last year’s “Bibi’s Beauty Palace Tattoo” and this year’s campaign has now pushed Wilke from 4k follows to over 55k!

The outcome

Festival challenges

Team Wilke against Team Crew! At each festival the teams had a challenge with which they could collect points. The teams has to find and motivate other festival camper who have the right festival “Kräuter” and passion to represent their team and win the challenge. Wilke & the crew were only there for the moral support! At the end of each festival, the points were counted in the challenge video to keep the fans up to date!


Building the “Kräuter Tour” camper.

Challenge #1


PENNY, Festivals and Wilke Zierden. A perfect match and the best proof that authenticity is the key to successful communication.


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