Easter Best Moments

PENNY is well known for low prices. Yet, this does not mean less quality. Especially in regards to products of their premium brand Best Moments. And with Easter around the corner, PENNY wanted to remind people that everybody can create their own special Easter moments – their best moments.

Penny Markt


The task

Easter in #stayathome style can still be a best moment. We wanted to talk about best moments and also somehow share best moments with others – celebrating the act of gifting as a moment of togetherness. We realized we do not have only on story to tell, but two. So we invited multiple influencer to be able to create two storylines over the course of two and a half weeks.

Two Storylines

The Meal → A joyful anticipation for the easter holidays and the upcoming (festive) meals that come with it. Our influencers showed themselves shopping in a PENNY for the products, preparing a meal with them and the final result.

The Gift → To support the family spirit we introduced the gifted easter basket. The preparation of the basket and the gifting to friends or family was in focus. Our influencers filled the basket with PENNY products and added another special item for the gifted person that reminds to share Best Moments with each other.

The Influencers

PENNY is as diverse as it gets and is for everybody. Therefore, we were also looking for a divers mix of influencers in any kind. A group with unique topics and a follower range from 38.000 up to 1,2 million! Our influencers were each tied to a storyline to

The outcome

Safe to say: One of the most successful Influencer campaigns for PENNY. All major KPIs have exceeded the average of other PENNY Influencer campaigns.


Total reach





Happy Community

But more than just good numbers. We had great feedback. Directly from our Influencers but also from the users interacting with them and the campaign.

PR Seeding

Five of our Influencer where on the erge of creating their own cook book. They used PENNY Best Moments products to create content and dishes for this book. And remember the exxtra present on the basket? Well, this book was very welcomed by or Influenceer’s family & friends.  Not sponsored but influenced by PENNY.


The plan for our Influencers was to produce content for the campaign. They delivered. In fact, they over-deliverd. They also had great products shots, more than we could use for only one campaign. Great for PENNY, as they then already had produced content for future posts.