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  • Neutral backgrounds provide more privacy during video calls
  • Unsplash, Shutterstock, Audi
Audi will regularly update its backgrounds 

Branded backdrops for video conferencing are the latest trend.

For many workers, home office has meant daily video calls with colleagues and customers. But showing samey bookshelves or an untidy living room might provide too private an insight for some. The market leader in business video conferences, Zoom, has offered a solution to this in neutral backgrounds that can replace your real home backdrop with a click.

Now, brands are entering the scene. Taco Bell, Disney and US furniture giant West Elm were first to offer branded backgrounds for Zoom. They’ve been followed by German car manufacturer, Audi. With its curated series of images, the carmaker hopes to bring the thrill of the road to the desktop. New virtual backgrounds will gradually be introduced via Audi’s various social media channels, to be downloaded in suitable resolution via dropbox. The first release includes nine images, each with a profile shot of the R8 and TT RS models, six interior and engine views, and the iconic logo.