Get Off the Sofa

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  • The Nike Training Club is streaming into homes now
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Nike has been providing Netflix with fitness content since Jan 2023.

Video streaming site Netflix is looking to diversify its offering and Nike is counting on its influence. Since the beginning of this year, Netflix has been luring users off the sofa with fitness videos from Nike. The initial offering comprises 46 videos; however, this will be steadily increased to 90 videos – with 30 hours of workouts.

A range of workouts are aimed at the viewer’s fitness level and interests, such as “Kickstart Fitness” for beginners or “Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga” for daily yoga sessions. There are main trainers as well as trainers who rotate across each series and who bring their expertise to corresponding workouts. Each episode is 10 to 25 minutes long and is designed to support the viewer’s increase in fitness. A timer in Nike’s Helvetica Neue counts down the time. 

For content production, Nike draws on Nike Training Club community content and experience, which has so far mainly manifested itself in media on the app operating under the same name. However, in 2020, the sports company put an end to paid services on the app. Now it seems that the brand from Oregon wants to use the 223 million Netflix subscribers around the world to expand its channel’s reach. 

As for Netflix, it is attempting to draw in new users with a wider offering. Back during the pandemic, the company entered into a content partnership with mediation service Headspace. In 2021, the service set about the subject of gaming. Even though training videos from other providers were already available on Netflix and even though the competition was offering similar material, the streaming platform’s latest push on fitness brings high-quality content, boosted by the famous Nike Swoosh, and a great deal of attention. Many users start January with good intentions, so it remains to be seen whether viewer numbers will continue to grow as strongly after the initial launch at the beginning of this year. However, our colleagues at Vanity Fair are already whispering that “considering the deep pockets of Netflix and Nike”, celebrities will also be engaged as trainers in due course.