nanoFlowcell, well known for their revolutionary thinking on modern mobile energy solutions, briefed us to develop and produce the media content for the Quant stand at the Geneva Motor Show. They needed content for 2 magnificent 6-meter-high video towers, each with three LED walls, and an interactive touch-screen.




The harder you try to fully understand the nanoFlowcell technology, the more magical and mystical it feels. This technology, which essentially is based on ionised liquids, has the power to change the energy sector in the future. For the film we decided to capture this mystical feel, in a dance of liquid, electricity … and Jellyfish.


The client came up with the great idea to integrate jellyfish in the film, serving as a symbol for environmentally friendly transport but also as a symbol for low-voltage energy. We decided shooting real animals underwater would be the best solution to this challenge.

In Europe’s largest jellyfish-breeding facility, we did not only find the most amazing animals, but could also adjust the lighting conditions and other parameters according to our shooting needs. After one shooting day in the dark, we ended up with a great choice of unique 5k slo-motion material for our film. With some postproduction magic added on top, we then turned the jellyfish into nano-jelly-flow-fish.

VF Previz

Right at the beginning of the production we knew that we would like to review our video content on the actual LED towers. The solution was to build up the entire Quant stand in CG, map the video content onto the 3D towers, and review our daily output in our VR studio. This way, we could put ourselves into the position of a spectator at the Motor Show, and make sure that the content would look great from all angles.

Interactive Displays

While the content on the video towers is pure entertainment, the touch-screens give detailed technical information. We unified the “look and feel” of all content and provide a completely unique, aesthetic and futuristic experience for nanoFlowcell.