Room for Hype

Preview image of “Room for Hype”
  • Personal sales staff are available online to give advice
  • Photos: Diesel
The virtual store is modelled on the main showroom in Milan

Diesel customers have a new way to buy, via a digital showroom featuring 360 degree displays.

“One must look for silver linings whenever and wherever possible,” says Diesel CEO Massimo Piombini. Clearly Covid-19 has caused massive problems for brick-and-mortar retailers, disrupted the fashion industry’s usual calendar, and reduced the spending power of many consumers. Hence Diesel’s parent company OTB has conceived and created a virtual showroom. The 360-degree virtual space is both a selling platform and exhibition space, promoting efficient and entertaining fashion buying in this pandemic-defined era. To faithfully recreate the physical selling process online, Diesel has made the Hyperoom resemble its physical showroom in Milan. It’s also creating “remote buying sessions”, the idea of which is to involve shoppers in a complete journey.

They start with a digital window showing off some iconic pieces. Then comes a multilayered digital space featuring various interactive components. Exploration is encouraged, videos are integrated, and pieces are rendered in 360-degree displays, or in more detailed 2D close-ups with product descriptions. A live Diesel vendor is connected and on hand throughout, to make the process personal and easy. All Diesel products will be featured in the virtual store, including spring and summer 2021 collections.