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Notebook Bundle: Island Notes

35,00 EUR

Product Details

Our everyday notebook is a classic multi-purpose journal for sketching, jotting down thoughts, and writing notes. It’s the perfect analogue companion for capturing any format of ideas, 160 pages with a slight dot grid. 

This notebook bundle comes with 3 Parasol Island branded pencils in copper colour.

This bundle consists of

1 Notebook:
Island Notes

  • 300 g/m² Gmund Colors 23
  • Natural kraft paper colour 
  • Black Parasol logo stamping on Front and Back Cover 
  • Stamped black line to customize with your name on the Front Cover 
  • Format: 130 x 210 mm
  • Rounded corners 
  • 160 pages
  • Inside: 90 g/m² off-white 
  • Dot grid
  • 100% German Made manufacture

3 PSL pencils

  • Copper colour
  • Parasol Island logo in white
  • Another Slang logo in white  
  • Lead-free and non-toxic graphite 
  • Recyclable materials