Volkswagen We
Social Content Production

Volkswagen We combines multiple digital mobility services and apps. It connects users with the world of Volkswagen to make their individual mobility easier, more efficient, more sustainable, and more attractive.

The task

Generate brand awareness, app downloads, and membership conversions for the Volkswagen mobility services. Basically, more people should know Volkswagen We, but on top of awareness and membership conversions, this time we also focused on educating and helping users understand the brand better.

The idea

We approached Volkswagen with ideas for how we could produce more authentic, product focused, and aesthetically pleasing social media content. We sent a small, run & gun production team on the road with two VW cars, two models, and a list of the must haves. The rest was up to them.

The outcome

In the end, we accomplished our mission and inspired fans & new followers with engaging and exciting content, that brings to life the services of Volkswagen We. The images and videos were shot in different locations in Germany to generate assets that can embody the benefits of both city and country life with Volkswagen We.

Our 2020 production was such a success that we took the same approach in 2021 to create content for even more Volkswagen services We Connect, We Upgrade, and We Score. This content focusses on the possibilities with these apps directly inside your car.