Plan B. Plan Berlin.

In 2022 post-Covid times, it’s all about personal exchange and real on-site events. In this context, the visitBerlin Convention Office wanted to promote B2B MICE tourism in Berlin, as THE place for MICE events.

The task

In times of a global pandemic visitBerlin must continue to position Berlin as the top location for MICE events.

The idea

In addition to the paid media distribution, we developed a campaign that provided the visitBerlin partners with interactive tools so that they could become part of it themselves.

The outcome

Nearly all visitBerlin partners used our interactive tools and became part of the campaign themselves. We showed that Berlin still is a safe and professional place for live events, activated MICE decision-makers and generated trust amongst organisers to plan events in Berlin. Anyone planning Berlin can be sure that their event will not only take place, but that it is also set in a city that has become the most preferred destination in Europe due to its crisis management. Plan B. Plan Berlin.

Social Media

We created B2B social media assets and a digital campaign. This also included taking pictures of the visitBerlin Convention Office employees to personally strengthen the shared message.

Image Generator

visitBerlin partners can generate individual designs for their social media channels via the image generator. Thus, they become part of the campaign themselves and can communicate their services alongside visitBerlin.

Profile Picture Generator

The badge helped us to communicate the main message of the campaign, i.e. the personal exchange in real life. We invited the industry to share the joint statement, as every event brings us closer together.

B Matched App

B Matched by visitBerlin helps to quickly establish new B2B contacts live at an event or remotely. In an intuitive overview (including programme and event details), you have the entire event and all the interesting contacts at a glance.