Every Tutima Glashütte watch is part of a tradition, part of the family – and so is their owner. Driven by perfection, Tutima created legendary, reliable and high quality products for 90 years – and to celebrate that, we developed a digital communication around the heirloom of an aviator chronograph from the 1940s.

The idea

Family means tradition. And tradition takes time. A lot of time. 90 years and many generations to be precise. To share this tradition and heir with their customers, Tutima will give away one very special heirloom from their collection to a family member. Whoever purchased a Tutima within a specific timeframe, has the chance to win this rare collectors item.

The outcome

In order to tell a compelling story across all channels, we created a film, a landing page, social media postings, and POS material. The focus was clearly traditions, the family and generations, of the past and future.