Traton Pluralism & Inclusion

In a playful way, our Animation Department created a dynamic film to visualise TRATON’s company journey towards a more open and diverse future. Each bullet is unique in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, skills, knowledge, personality and perspective – the layers of pluralism: Keep on rolling and growing together.

The TRATON group is on the way to become a global champion in the truck and transportation industry. To assert at the forefront it is important to develop products, services and business models that incorporate different perspectives and experiences. Respecting, protecting and being open to the diversity of employees’ talents, experiences, skills and perspectives is a key component. At TRATON, they call this Pluralism & Inclusion.

Pluralism defines a broader stance on diversity. It covers everything from gender and nationality to less conventional aspects of diversity such as experience and personality.

Inclusion means fostering a corporate culture where ideas are given room to grow and where creativity, innovation and initiative are encouraged.

“With a diverse and inclusive workplace, we want to drive innovation and create an environment where people can be who they really are.”

We are thrilled to collaborate with TRATON on this remarkable voyage towards a future that embraces diversity and inclusivity.