Toshiba is a world leader and innovator in pioneering high technology. As a manufacturer and marketer of a diverse range of advanced electronic and electrical products, Toshiba’s work spans from information & communications systems, digital consumer products, electronic devices and components, and power systems, to industrial and social infrastructure systems and home appliances. Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH, Personal Storage, in Düsseldorf, Germany, markets hard disk drives aimed at consumers and retailers in Europe. For over 50 years, Toshiba has been developing and manufacturing storage solutions used by most major IT and consumer electronics brands.



The task

In 2017, we launched the new website for Toshiba Storage Solutions. The objective for the new website was amongst other things to optimise click-paths and improve usability. The challenge was to build a responsive brand experience that fits the users needs. The question we asked ourselves was “How do people look for products today?” The answer was simple: They SEARCH for it. By using search engines or directly searching on online trading websites. Search engines spit out information quickly, easily and directly. And that was exactly what led us to follow the example and define a goal for the concept: a smart and user-friendly content grid, combined with an intuitive search bar.

The intelligent content grid & Intuitive search bar

The first feature of the website is the intelligent content grid. From the meta information we know the users country, IP browser, operating system, and if they are returning visitors. The website addresses this situation and automatically adjusts the language, market and content that is being displayed to the users. If a user visits the page with a Mac system, the content teasers arrange themselves, so that the relevant elements are higher up, since the probability of the user searching for a Mac product is higher. This intelligent sorting of the grid takes place on the entire page and helps the user to focus on the information that best suits his situation.

The second website feature is the intuitive search bar, as users mostly search Google or Amazon to find their information. The user can either search by selecting pre-defined product categories and properties or by simply typing the search term into the search field. The page changes depending on what is being searched for and the content becomes more visible by showing the most relevant search results at the top of the page.

Hero product page with 3D animations

Product table top shots