toom Baumarkt
Tom & Zolli

toom Baumarkt has a strong fanbase in Germany, focusing especially on people and respect instead of just showcasing projects. A special focus in toom’s communication is the “Selbermacher”, a person which can be of any age as long as he builds something with passion. To show this, our client toom Baumarkt asked us to find a way to appeal not only to the grown-up toom fanbase, but also to our young construction heroes out there.

toom Baumarkt


The task

For the kids campaign, we were asked to concept and design an online platform for the young fans, suitable for a broad range of users from three to eight years, to learn about the world of construction. Furthermore, the campaign came with an entertaining run & jump game app which delivers pure entertainment to the young builders. Both elements revolves always around the world of toom, DIY and the character Tom & Zolli in a playful way.

The Online Platform

Strong kids need a place to live and work, so we gave Tom & Zolli a place to show their knowledge and communicate their skills. The online platform consisted of several modules, both inspiring the kids and their parents to start own projects as well as teaching them how to construct and how to use tools. The clear focus of the online platform was to be easy and fun, so all the tutorials and games always followed a simple mechanic and step-by-step approaches. A game module then linked to the Tom & Zolli game app.

The Game App

Run, jump, collect & build! To finally link the campaign to the toom stores, we developed a 3D-modeled run & jump game app. The player must help Tom run through the toom market to collect supplies, while avoiding boxes, store aisles and other obstacles. The longer you play the game, the faster Tom gets – so players must be quick! Once you collect enough items, you can use the material to unlock DIY projects for Tom. The game app gives our young “Selbermacher” community a great tool to learn in a playful and fun way.