REWE Star Wars

After almost eight dreadful years of waiting, the next chapter of the STAR WARS saga was released in December 2015. Our client REWE – one of Germany’s most successful supermarket-chains – together with us, we decided to celebrate this event with a force- awakening, full-throttle 360° campaign, that was bound to thrill old and new fans alike. For this campaign, we were asked to concept, design and develop a responsive microsite as well as an engaging game-story that keeps customers entertained in anticipation for the film’s release.

REWE Digital


Cosmic Shells

A central element of the STAR WARS campaign, as well as the supporting microsite were the “Cosmic Shells”: These 32 small octagons portrayed the saga’s most famous heroes and were handed out to customers at the POS as part of a loyalty program. The shells came with a high-quality, info-fact-packed album and an interactive film-box that played short, holographic clips with the help of the customer’s smartphone.

As this octagon shape carried such a supporting role, we decided to also incorporate this form in the design of the microsite. Therefore, the digital campaign-logo, images, buttons and other interactive elements were designed to match the shells eight-sided glory.

The Idea

Another large part of the microsite was the digital activation. Here, the biggest challenge was the six-week duration of the campaign: How could we keep customers entertained & engaged, be relevant and incorporate beloved elements from the STAR WARS saga all in one idea? We thought: What is the one element all STAR WARS episodes have in common that makes people keep coming back? Jar Jar Binks? Hell no. The Force. Yeah, maybe. Heroes? Most definitely. Therefore, we founded the “REWE Heldenakademie” (REWE hero academy). This institution educates it’s students by way of the force, heightens their senses and prepares them for the battles ahead.Users could sign-up for the academy and were presented with challenges – ranging from easy STAR WARS-trivia over lesser-known facts to the saga’s geekiest insights. Every solved challenge brought the students closer to the once-in-a-lifetime prize: An original, life-sized Stormtrooper figure. Whoa, right?


Anyone nowadays can develop a simple quiz, but turning this old-fashioned mechanic into interactive awesomeness takes a little bit more skill. Our goal was to give folks an entertaining multiple-choice gameplay that works on all devices while staying true to the overall design approach of the “REWE Heldenakademie”.

Guessing Game

Copy How long is an imperial star fighter? What’s Han Solo’s year of birth? The questions in the quiz game are aimed at the true fans of the STAR WARS saga. They are nerdy, geeky and more difficult to answer than any other challenge in the academy, because the user has to find the right solution without any provided answers.

Mix & Match

Let’s get visual: In the third challenge, users had to match a hero from the STAR universe with the right answer in order to win points and get one step closer to winning an original, life-sized Stormtrooper.