REWE Group

The REWE Group has become one of the leading international retail and tourism co-operative groups worldwide in the last almost 100 years. Behind this successful and outstanding development there lies a rich and vivid story: From its foundation at the beginning of the twentieth century, through some difficult times and eventually becoming the international group, which it is today. The new REWE Group history website takes all of us on an interactive journey through the heritage of one of the most influential corporations in German history.

REWE Group


The Task

Out of our long-standing cooperation in different projects for the REWE Group, Parasol Island was asked for an interactive solution to not only illustrate Rewe Group’s diverse heritage but to also show customers just how widely the Rewe Group has spread throughout the continent. The task was to not only to organise a massive archive of images dating back decades before the second world war, but also to chronologically assemble this information into a modern and exciting experience.


A site with too much text can be a drag and history isn’t the most loved subject in school. In order to keep fans excited and to motivate them to embark on next section of the story, interactive elements, short animations and hidden sound effects were placed throughout the page. This brought simple images and topics to a new level of reality, holding customers on the page and driving their engagement.

The Artwork

Each milestone year of the REWE Group’s history was given a chapter and created to resemble the given historical period. The chapter sections each have a collage comprised of actual images from the group’s image database, made up from scanned images from the archive and photography from the museum in Cologne. The seven collages are the perfect blend of paper cutting, pixel pushing and true craftsmanship.