Release the Renegade

The brand Jeep stands for freedom and adventures. In October 2014 Jeep released the Jeep Renegade. A car that feels at home in the urban jungle and also offroad. To introduce the Jeep Renegade to the market, Parasol Island’s digital department developed the campaign “Release the Renegade”, which promised to be more than a normal adventure: One brand new Jeep Renegade was braught to an unknown place far away with a helicopter. With its key in the ignition lock…

Jeep® Deutschland

Digital , Film / Photo

Lovie Awards 2015, Gold Winner
Online Advertising / Digital Campaigns

Follow the hints

To be part of the adventure you had to sign up at and wait for the hints spreaded on the website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. In the end Jeep released the exact geo coordinates.


“Okay, I am up on a mountain, or a rock. Something stony.” Beeing up on a mountain for eight weeks can be pretty boring, so the Jeep Renegade itself started to tweet to make people join the adventure.

A real adventure

Maren Dragon, Head of Brand Marketing Communication at Fiat Group Automobiles Germany AG, about the campaign: “We were convinced by the concept of Parasol Island from the first second. Because the focus of this campaign is a real adventure. And one that takes place not only in the media but is anchored in real life. This idea of Parasol Island fits perfectly with the message of the brand Jeep.”

The Winners

After eight weeks of collecting hints and driving for many hours, Lilli, 27, student of intercultural communication and singer as well as Arne, 25, a student of mechatronics and amateur racer, found the Jeep Renegade in Romania.