Porsche Top 5

We went out to realize the fourth season of Porsche’s online series “Porsche Top 5”. In close cooperation with KeKo, we developed an ambitious set of ideas for how to tell the stories of the iconic heroes. With our unique setup of Production, Content Creation and Motion Design skills, the mission seemed a perfect fit –  We’re proud to take a part in the Porsche’s ongoing legendary story and happy to present the results:

Task & Challenge

Our task was to lift the format up to new visual levels and to find a unique environment for the stories and their protagonists. And by paying careful attention to the series’ spirit, we aimed for nothing less than a true evolution!

With a small production unit and limited amount of time, we went on a roadtrip through all over Germany, to find automotive legends worth to present, but also available for production. With our passion for the automotive world and moving image, we developed strong stories and visual environments. And wherever we felt, that live action footage could be enriched, we have taken advantage of our unique structure and created a virtual environment for the cars:

Motion Design

As of season three, Porsche’s Top 5 series rarely worked with graphical elements. We considered that a big opportunity to enrich the films visually and lift them up to new aesthetical levels. And with the “most iconic liveries” episode, the perfect topic was found! With our film and animation departments teaming up, we drove the icons to a beautifully graphical world.

The result

If given the chance to contribute to the Porsche legend, it goes without saying that you add that certain extra amount of fairy dust! And looking on the results, we are beyond happy and proud! We’re grateful for a very respectful and productive cooperation with Porsche and KeKo! Thanks to the whole team and everyone involved.