911 Targa

If you’re going to have a roof over your head, make it an amazing one. Full CG-Car in a dance of shapes and shades.

Kemper Kommunikation

Film / Photo


When we came aboard the endeavour to produce a film for the new Porsche 911 Targa, we were humbled and stoked by the prospect to work on 2014’s successor to one of Porsche’s coolest cars. After we found out just how beautiful the new roof (and it’s Optimus Prime mechanism) was going to be, we had the hardest 6 months of keeping our mouths shut – ever. A journey from darkness to the open skies, a dance of shapes and shades with gleaming beams of light. And a mighty pretty car. These are the ingredients of the trailer for the new 911 Targa.

CGI car replacement

Since the new 911 Targa wasn’t available for the shoot we used a 911 cabriolet as a stand-in car and then inserted the Targa using CGI.





Photographic Storyboard

After discussing a plethora of possible architectural sites around the world the final decision was made to shoot in Valencia and Milwaukee. Both cities are the home to outstanding and iconographic buildings designed by famous spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Shooting in Valencia & Milwaukee