Penny Markt

Work before sweet pleasure – Parasol Island’s interactive department extended the social media activities for PENNY and created a new exciting online game, where the player has to bring his favorite sweets to a save place. Of course he has to overcome many barriers and three different levels to win the game. Idea, concept, developing play mechanics, layout, web applications and 3D – the interactive and the animation department worked hand in hand to develop the PENNY Kugeltour.

Penny Markt


Don’t lose your sweets!

The PENNY Kugeltour looks like a typical labyrinth game, except that the player doesn’t use marbles to win, but delicious sweets. Balancing the chosen sweet by moving the mobile device or the arrow keys on a computer, the player has to go through three different levels. Starting in a PENNY supermarket, he moves to a garden in level two and can win the game in level three on an italian piazza. Every level has different barriers and traps, which become harder to overcome the closer the player gets to the end. There is no time limit, but if the player loses all three sweets, he has to do the level again.

The challenge

After putting the layout together, adapting the game physiks for both developments (mobile and desktop) was quite a challenge. So the game was recreated in Maya to add some 3D magic. Unity was used to make the Kugeltour playable for Android and IOS. Afterwords everything was implemented with Flare 3D or Flash for PENNY fans playing on their desktops with the Facebook app.