Grüner Weg

PENNY has multiple touchpoints that contribute to a sustainable present and future. To showcase these, the discounter created a very special store:The PENNY Nachhaltigkeit Store. The in-store setup was all about these touchpoints, establishing a fun and informative shopping experience for customers.

Penny Markt


The task

Just opening the doors for the public would not do it justice. It needed a greater communication so people would be aware – and not just people in the local area of the store.

The idea

First off, the opening needed to be celebrated. And to create social buzz around this, we invited special guest with a great fanbase to a pre-opening event. To talk about and show what the store has to offer. Second, for people not living in the greater store area we created a PENNY Grüner Weg website. To transfer the analog experience into a digital one as well.

The Pre-Opening Event

We invited seven influencer to experience the new store first hand and tell their followers about it. Therefore, we created a timetable that included different stages to offer a helpful content productions surrounding and to talk about the sustainability touchpoints PENNY showcases across the whole store.

Discovery Brunch

Influencers discovered the store while picking out their favorite products for their own brunch. A cook would prepare the meals and give helpful tipps while doing so.

Sustainability Quiz

In a moderated tour through the store our special guests learned about specific touchpoints with a quiz. Furthermore,  correct answers filled an influencer’s goodie bag that would later be raffled within their community.

Grüner Weg Shoot

We created a content production surrounding on site to create professional green posting images, in addition to blogging stories throughout the day.

The Influencers

The Digital Experience

The additional Grüner Weg website was a way to make PENNYs sustainability Touchpoint an experience for everybody. Not just for people living close by the new store.

Touchpoint Overview

The Homepage did not just offer the mission statement of PENNYs sustainable route, but also an overview of all the touchpoints tackled.

Touchpoint Site

Each Touchpoint has it’s own space to display relevant information about the topic and how PENNY is involved.

Scrolling as navigation

Getting from one touchpoint to the next did not need any additional navigation. Scrolling did the job. It guided users through a touchpoint and if everything was said about, the next one would automatically appear. Just like walking through the store.

The outcome

Happy Influencers and a happy community – the pre-opening event has reached over … users. And a website as the beginning of a digital journey on PENNYs Grüner Weg. It will be further updated with PENNY’s moves for being a sustainable discounter.


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