MERCEDES-BENZ: Digital Extras 2.0

Mercedes-Benz is presenting the new Digital Extras for all vehicle models with an extraordinary campaign. With our expertise in automotive productions and the exceptional visual ideas of our director Klaus Kneist, we were qualified to produce the new films and photos. A distinctive Wes-Anderson inspired cinematic style meets the bold and unexpected aesthetic of Balenciaga. What fun.


Film / Photo

We took charge of both the film shoot and the photo production. Our goal was to highlight the functions and services of Mercedes Me and GSP (Global Service and Parts) with maximum aesthetic impact through a series of 70 high-resolution images. The photo shoot took place on the same set, seamlessly complementing the content of the Digital Extras 2.0 films.

Time is money, a statement that holds particularly true for film and photo shoots. To ensure everything runs smoothly on set, we pre-visualized all photo motifs in a 3D real-time tool. We meticulously planned the positions of the vehicle and people, the focal length of the lens, and the exact position of the sun at the specific time of day in a 1:1 digital model of the set. This preparation enabled the photographer and his team to work as efficiently as possible on set.