Avoury. The Tea

Together with Thjnk we went out to produce an extensive set of assets for Melitta’s new upscale brand Avoury. With the Avoury One tea-machine being the center of it all and set in a tailor made kitchen and studio setup we produced a variety of film and photo assets to be used in Avoury’s online appearances

Film Production

With Denis Guth as DOP we produced a total of 4 films and 9 product sequences. The films will serve as a guide for customers in order to understand their device and solve any potential issues.

Photo Production

In order to replace the existing 3D-images of the Avoury One with real product stills we got together with photographer Thomas Wiuf Schwarz. Set in the same kitchen and studio setup we provided Avoury with a set of 50 images of the Avoury One itself and all of its respective accessories.