Keuco – AXESS

Accessibility meets design. We had the pleasure to produce KEUCOs latest campaign for their new care line – AXESS. Together with Studio F.A. Porsche, KEUCO designed a functional and aesthetically pleasing care design line. Accessible bathroom products were developed from a completely new perspective. Clear and aesthetic shapes, timeless, durable beauty. Because an atmosphere of elegant well-being can and must also be created in barrier-free bathrooms: With products that are equally usable and aesthetically pleasing for everyone, regardless of body type.

The Outcome

Welcome to the world of KEUCO and Studio F. A. Porsche, where two institutions in their field have come together to create something truly exceptional. Our creative minds at Parasol Island have produced a campaign that reflects the perfect symbiosis between KEUCO and Studio F. A. Porsche in images and video material, expressing the great AXESS range of equipment. AXESS offers the perfect combination of safety and comfort, catering to the needs of older people or people with disabilities. The highest design standards have been incorporated into each product to create a seamless experience that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our campaign showcases the self-confident lifestyle that AXESS represents. Clean and aesthetic shapes, timeless, enduring beauty. With sleek and sophisticated designs, each product in the AXESS series represents a statement of style and luxury. We are excited to bring this collaboration to life. Accessibility meets design. With the AXESS line KEUCO x Studio F. A. Porsche revolutionizes accessible bathroom products with a modern design approach. Timeless and durable beauty in clear, aesthetic forms.