John Frieda®
Premium Product Shots

John Frieda is a hair care brand with professional premium products for every single hairtype. That´s why it was important and necessary to reflect the brands identity also within the social media communication. We aimed to achieve a premium feeling the product collections deserve and should be recognized.

The idea

White and light grey concrete built the base of our idea. Handmade set design pieces with metallic reflections in the brand´s color coding gave this setting a feminin and luxury touch. Every single product was placed to have it´s own space and importance within the concrete world, without being to invasive with set design or too many different components. Shot in Paris with photographer Joan Braun we decided to give this shots a bright daylight feeling which really let the product pop out of the picture.

The outcome

We created high-end premium shots, that are not just a usual pack shot. Since this shots have been published, we could see an increase of 30% higher engagement throughout the channels.