John Frieda®
Blonde meets Brunette

The premium hair care brand John Frieda asked us to activate modern women for the new Sheer Blonde and Brilliant Brunette range in one vibrating integrated campaign.

The approach

Now … blondes and brunettes are quite different, right? Instead of a competition, we wanted to create unique moments under a strongly connecting thought: Blonde meets Brunette. And so we teamed up four German influencers and four crafty power women to tell a holistic brand story that created unique moments of friendship, womanhood and of course perfect hair.

Episode 1 : Hamburg

with Caro Dauer and Charlotte Kraska

Friends, all together

The story went further by integrating friendship stories of the audience in the overall brand narrative – which of course got rewarded by BmB-packages and friendship shopping trips.

Social Media incentive

The trip of the lucky winners was integrated aswell as the additional content like interviews, behind the scenes material, city insights and so on – always related to hair, identity and of course John Frieda.

Women power & perfect hair

These two components buildt a campaign that created unique and highly relevant moments for the audience on their common channels with influencers and power women they really love. All because of John Frieda, all together with the new Sheer Blonde and Brilliant Brunette range and all together with a great performance:


higher interaction rate during the campaign


longer time spent on brand website