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ImmoScout24, a brand of the Scout24 Group, is blowing out 25 candles on its anniversary cake, and we’re celebrating together in style. The challenge? To create a captivating campaign that not only reflects the company’s many years of experience, but also appeals to a diverse audience of real estate lovers, searchers and agents alike. The campaign leaves no doubt that ImmoScout24 understands the hopes and dreams of the many players in the real estate industry – and is being shouted from the digital rooftops. Cheers to 25 years and many more to come!

The Task

ImmoScout24, the leading real estate platform in Germany, wants to celebrate its 25th anniversary with an energetic and engaging advertising campaign. The goal is to produce a collection of entertaining and amusing video spots that will appeal to a broad and diverse audience. The spots are designed to tap into the brand’s extensive knowledge and highlight its comprehensive range of services. The campaign aims to convey that ImmoScout24, with a quarter of a century of expertise, understands the diverse needs of all players in the real estate industry, whether property owners, property seekers or real estate professionals.

The Idea

25 years of ImmoScout24 – The central concept of the brand-storytelling-campaign is the production of a series of seven mockumentary-style video spots to be broadcast on popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others. These spots will highlight the everyday experiences of people pursuing their real estate dreams. From finding an apartment together, owning their first home, and moving in together for the first time, to finding a new tenant and services such as credit reports, property appraisals, finding movers, and educating renters and buyers about their rights and responsibilities.

The campaign also aims to be unique by using modern Internet slang and terminology to ensure maximum resonance with its young target audience. Expressions such as “too lame”, “that’s cute” and associations such as red flags and the perfect match are to be seamlessly integrated into the narrative.

The Outcome

Seven unique spots – each with its own point of view and own wordplay. The essence of each individual campaign spot sums up ImmoScout24’s unique selling point – its rich 25 years of experience in the real estate sector. With a charming narrative, paired with a youthful, friendly and cheeky tone, these spots cleverly address the respective target group. Their message is crystal clear: ImmoScout24 is the one-stop shop for all real estate needs, whether you are looking for your dream property, want to sell or are in the market to buy.
The campaign showcases Parasol Island’s expertise and creativity, demonstrating the power of imaginative storytelling and engaging content to convey a brand’s core message.

“Real estate is an emotional matter – which is why it is all the more important to have a reliable and experienced partner at your side.”

Andreas Picka, Head of Marketing at ImmoScout24

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