Rebranding & Brand Communication

Since June 2019, Parasol Island has been responsible for the communication of the jewelry and watchmaking brand CHRIST in its role as the new lead agency. With its autumn campaign, the digital studio is launching the new claim “Für jedes Versprechen. CHRIST. Since 1863.”. Prior to this, the creative studio “Another Slang”, which belongs to Parasol Island and specializes in luxury and fashion communication, realigned CHRIST’s brand identity.


Tradition meets modernity

Christ’s appearance was shifted from a relatively mixed, somewhat generic overall impression, to a self-confident and modernized appearance. Extremely stylish, long established and elegant. Visual faux pas were eliminated, and dusty old elements were modernised to create a clearer visual line. Grey and bronze/gold variations have been removed, and the readability of the logo has been optimized for a more responsive design. This has resulted in a clear design language.

We have re-contextualized the brand and given it a new shine.


A new wordmark that meets the requirements of digitalisation and high aesthetic standards.


The newly defined Plain & Starling fonts complement each other, and at the same time form a contrast between tradition and modernity.

Colour code

The CI was scaled down, and the colours black and white were put in focus – creating a uniform identity.

Brand Communication

“Für jedes Versprechen”

With its jewellery competence and expertise, CHRIST makes the promise of affordable luxury for everyone and thus puts the brand’s DNA in the foreground. But not only CHRIST makes a promise, the customers make one as well – to themselves or to their loved ones. “For every promise” gives the necessary level of creative freedom to build the basis of all communication, as well as to use when focusing on specific topics.

Look & feel

Multifaceted, warm, smart, high quality. Naturally staged light and visually strong poses convey the heritage character of the brand. 

Key visual

Stylish and elegant, the image symbolizes the moment of promise.

Still life

The reduced set design gives the jewellery space. Light and shadow bring depth and excitement to the staging.

Campaign film

We move in a vibrant, authentic world, flooded with light. Several characters symbolize different promises that appeal to a wide audience.