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ION Raid Select

In 2019, ION rolled out their newest innovation for a flat pedal bike shoe: The ION Raid Select. Due to the discussion of most competitors in the segment over sole grip & rubber quality, we refocused our overall campaign communication to not only speak about grip & rubber, but to embrace the entire concept of riding.

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The task

Our task was to introduce the new ION Raid Select in a fully integrated rollout campaign. Ultimately, the refocused communication strategy should was to present the ION Raid Select as the superior choice when it comes to flat bike shoes. A shoe that has the grip you need but provides this without sacrificing comfort, protection and most of all – control. 

The idea

We stepped outside and approached our target with a shoe for the complete riding experience, not just a good grip. We connected the bold reason for riders actually riding with the upgrade they all desire: feeling and having control. The campaign route showed them that the ION technology is perfect for riding, but also provides a stable and solid platform to walk your bike, hang out on the trail and enjoy the entire day. 

Key visuals

A collage that showcased a clear product image of the ION Raid Select with a visual collage of actions. These images represent situations where control matters, where control is needed and ultimately will determine if a rider can conquer the elements facing them.

Campaign microsite

The campaign microsite was to be the HUB of our campaign. Fans could find all relevant information about the new ION Raid Select, engage with our campaign’s story content and participate in our campaign activations/events. The microsite had a unique personality that embodied the ION Raise Select campaign but used the existing structure of ION’s micro-pages.

Campaign film

We created a three chapter campaign film that introduced the Raid Select. Each chapter was narrated by a manifesto style voice over but followed its own visual look, feel and tonality. The film also worked without the narrator, since keywords were a core visual element as well.

Directed by Damien Vergez (

The Performance

The campaign situated the shoe in several prints, had great client reviews and the content was spread on several public platforms. Overall, the core idea was well transferred and taken on – to the client’s utmost satisfaction.