IAA 2019

New mobility needs new communication. For the IAA 2019 Audi came up with an all new presence. Bold, exciting and technologically impressive the stand interpreted ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ in a fresh new way.

Audi presented two world premieres and focused on its electric line-up featuring different answers on the automotive mobility of the future.

In close tandem with Audi Design we produced 5 films for all electric showcars. Audi positioned its individual models in individual environments. The centrepiece certainly was the Audi AI:TRAIL, Audi’s latest and fully electric 4×4 adventure seeker.

The task

Our job was to produce five fully CGI films, each featuring one model of Audi’s electric line-up. The world premiere AI:TRAIL, AI:CON, AI:RACE, AI:ME and Audi e-tron were each presented in their native world. That meant we had to develop five distinct virtual worlds with a high degree of realism, present the emotional world, driving scenes, each car’s design and features, and keep one visual language throughout all chapters.

Tech specs

Four cars stood in front of one LED screen each. The world premiere AI:TRAIL was presented on the big stage, with three LEDs wrapping around the car. Totalling in 21k resolution we used all LEDs for transitions that felt like a single canvas.


Creating five films that respect each vehicles individuality but at the same time treat the customer experience as one holistic experience was one of the challenges. Not only did we synchronise each chapter, we also synchronised most cuts of the five films. This way the exhibition communicated in unison.

CG production

As a specialist for CGI cars we could rely on our production proven team, tools and pipeline to approach this project with confidence. We worked on all stages of production in parallel, providing Audi with full colour renderings very early in the process. This allowed for very focused feedback, steady iteration and a very efficient process overall. From interactive GPU-Rendering, proprietary Houdini landscaping tools that used photogrammetry assets provided by quixel up to our custom automotive motion solver – we translated the idea of ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ to our CGI production.

World idents

The opener of each film presents the unique value proposition for each Audi model in abstract terms. At the same time the environment and landscape is teased resulting in a modern title-sequence feel. 

Driving scenes

Even in the future we’ll want to enjoy driving – or being driven. It only came natural to boost right from the opening shots into each car’s natural habitat. A great way to enjoy the Audi DNA of driving on track, on road and off-road.

Design & technology

Audi is world famous for its uncompromising design and technological innovations. We devoted an entire chapter to both – with big pleasure, as these five cars are a sight to behold and mindbendingly thought through.

The result

Audi made a remarkable appearance at this year’s IAA and we’re more than thrilled to have provided a small part to this success.





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