albi TV-Spot 2020

For Edeka juice brand “albi” we finally got the chance to polish our dancing shoes and dust off our boygroup vibes. The five juicy hero characters joined their boogie to a reinterpretation of The Spinners’ classic hit “I’ll be there”.

A 20 sec TVC, a 45 sec Online Spot and multiple formats for social-media, POS and OOH were created by the talented dancers in our Parasol Island Animation Department. Don’t watch if you’re afraid to spend the rest of your day in a sunny mood humming “albi there”.

Thank you albi!

The boys

Just as every boy band, our albi band consists of five different and individual characters, just right for every taste. Please meet the albi-boys:

Hard shell, soft core. Our surfer boy Apple is loved by everyone. With his crisp body and sensual shape, that’s no wonder. And if you get to know him, you will soon find out: deep inside he is one of the sweetest.

Definitely not a bore. “KiBa” has many tastes, two you can recognize at first sip. An exciting type for those who can’t make up their mind. The best of both worlds. And definitely something special.

A buddy guy to hang out with. Glad to relax in the sun. But this juice is also an emotional guy, not afraid to cry in front of others. This makes him likeable and therefore so popular.

Mango? Passion fruit? Orange? “Mango, Passion Fruit, Orange” is a versatile guy who likes to overshoot the mark. Sometimes crazy, sometimes funny, sometimes cute, sometimes angry. With him it never gets boring, because the exotic guy is always good for a surprise. But what he always proves: best taste.

He is the Nick Carter of our juices. The sun shines in his heart. Always in a good mood, always cheerful and popular with everyone. The ultimate sunny boy. And: The perfect refreshment that everyone simply loves.