Jeep® – April Fools’ 2016
Adventure Tires

Adventure deprivation is a growing issue amongst urban Jeep drivers. They just don’t get out enough anymore. So just in time for the start of the silly season, we gave city-dwelling offroaders around the world a little bit of hope. At least for one day … Introducing the Jeep® Adventure Tires. The first all-terrain tires with the terrain literally built into them.

Jeep® Deutschland

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The Idea

The Jeep® Adventure Tires’ shape and tread are modelled on the rocky surfaces Jeeps regularly tackle during their offroad endeavours. By putting the offroad surface into the tire, drivers will be able to enjoy natural offroad bumpiness wherever they go, even on the smoothest of city streets.


Our launch communication included everything the world needed to know and see about this brand new invention. On the product website customers had a chance to fully understand the concept behind the tires, and the extensive research and development that had gone into them. There was no doubt that Jeep is taking adventure deprivation seriously. A huge countdown at the bottom of the page created additional excitement for the proclaimed product launch on April 2nd, and made sure customers would come back for the full story a day later.


Simultaneously an official press release about the new product launch was sent out to news outlets all around the world. And boy did they pick up on it. From automotive blogs and magazines, over Germany’s major news websites, to big players like – the Adventure Tires story spread fast and far.


On April 2nd we resolved the joke with one very simple message: “Real adventure simply can’t be substituted.” Along with a making-of video of the Adventure Tires artwork, we invited people to the Jeep dealerships for a test drive and their chance to add some real adventure back into their lives.