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The client: toom Baumarkt

toom Baumarkt belongs with 370 retail shops to the biggest DIY brands in Germany. Parasol Island is in charge for the social media strategy of toom Baumarkt and develops community specials like "Selbstbauprofi".


The project: Selbstbauprofi 

The community  "" (english: DIY expert)  is another module in our Digital Strategy  for toom Baumarkt. Goal of the micro-site "Selbstbauprofi" is to get potential clients directly involved with the brand toom Baumarkt.


Selbstbauprofi supports anybody who is interested in realizing is own DIY idea. The community is offering an inspiring stage for presenting a private DIY project to a wider audience. 


The different steps 

Every project is divided in several steps. We encourage the participants to show the development of their project and share details with the community. After announcing the idea, a list with all the materials needed is presented. Then photos of different stages of the project can be submitted. After that the whole community is invited to "Like" the project. In the next step a jury of experts of the "toom Team" is reviewing the submitted work under certain specialist aspects.


The contest

Sabine, Stefan and Nina are the "toom Team" jury. Each of them is an expert in his field. They are reviewing all the submitted projects and decide for a monthly winner in each category.


The campaign

To support the community we approached the public through different channels. We shared the idea on facebook: on the companies fan page and with facebook media. 

We promoted it further with a special facebook app and waves of newsletter marketing. Additional point of sale activities and print advertising backed the campaign.