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What’s it about?

This new issue of Radar is dedicated to spheres that form part of Parasol Island’s DNA: film, animation, and digital media. These disciplines are blending more and more as holistic communication strategies and integrated working methods come to the fore. Even in such a dynamic environment, pandemic action has proved to be an innovation booster. Here, we report on work-from-home film productions, avatars driving designer fashion, and camera drones that think for themselves. In Berlin, we met Oliver Latta, who under the alias EXTRAWEG shapes the campaigns of international brands with his enigmatic style. The art director and 3D artist talked to us about the influence of his million-strong Instagram following on his work, the viewing habits of Generation Z, and his latest project with Ben Stiller.


Buddy Icon Couture
Fashion brands and designers are outfitting avatars.

Riding the Chain
From art to marketing: blockchain tech enables brands to sell digital
files as NFTs.


Interactive Streaming
Netflix starts expansion into gaming as new business strategy.

Visual Time Machine
Artificial intelligence is transforming contemporary film and bringing stories to the screen that were previously considered unfilmable.

Green Screens
A consortium of the world’s biggest production and streaming companies is trying to reduce the industry’s emissions.


Drone Director
Autonomous drones are revolutionising the film industry with dynamic camera perspectives.

Voice Over
Pushed by a wave of startups, robot actors are using AI to take over voiceover work.


Meet and Greet
Digital platform Cameo allows fans now to directly interact with their stars.

Instant Camera
The pandemic saw cloud-sharing systems disrupt and advance the film industry.

Cut Through
As product placement shifts with the digital times, one UK company is using AI to insert brands into content – after it’s filmed.


With Oliver Latta
In Berlin, we talked to art director & 3D artist Oliver Latta about his provocative animated creations and online success.