Parasol Island – Pink Troubles

We love Character Animation! That’s why we decided to produce a little short movie, staring a pink Flamingo, a little crab, and a robot from outer space. During the last years the film was shown on numerous animation film festivals and people keep asking us about how the story ends. Seems like we will have to work on episode #2 soon.

The Project

Pink Troubles started as a short film produced entirely in house to feature our skills in character animation. As the short film was becoming longer and longer, we decided to finish a teaser first. Our own briefing was as short as it was difficult: Let’s do something fun! In case we have succeeded in this – please enjoy!

How The Flamingo Learned To Fly

Countless animatics were produced along the way, but in the first days we just had some fun testing the character rigs.


It all starts with a vision and one of the hardest challenges was to make the set look like the best version of this vision. A little island with sand and sea water which does not look too realistic but not too cartoonish either was the goal. Avoiding fluid or sand simulations was another one. We don’t know about you, but we’d just love to move to this island like….now!

What started as a small 10second intro animation quickly escalated into a 4minute short film animatic. The animation team has been playing with these characters for three years now, but the teaser you see above is the result of a year of “inbetween projects” work.

Recent work

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