Jeep® Mud Mask

Just in time for the brand’s 75th anniversary, Jeep® is celebrating the special bond between Jeep drivers and their cars with the release of the ultimate gift for your Jeep®: The Jeep® Mud Mask. The first mud mask for SUVs promises to be adventure in a can, the emergency aid for all adventure-deprived City-Jeeps®.

The idea

The strictly limited, and beautifully crafted Mud Masks contain exactly what a true offroad-adventurer is missing in the city: 100% real dirt, as an expression of the desire to escape the daily grind and search for new adventures far off the beaten track.


The launch of the luxuriously designed product is accompanied by a beautifully shot, black and white launch film featuring brand ambassador Elyas M’Barek and the Jeep® Renegade. It depicts a Jeep®’s and its driver’s longing for adventure in a dream-like way, and inspires the viewer to get out and escape the everyday.


The campaign created a lot of buzz in the media. On the day of the release the Jeep® Mud Mask had been covered by every major newspaper in the country, spreading the word about the ultimate gift for your Jeep®. The coverage did not stop there: After a few days the campaign popped up in world renowned newspapers, blogs as well as advertising and design magazines such as AdWeek, The Dieline and The Inspiration Room making the Jeep® Mud Mask one of Jeeps® most widely covered campaigns to date.

Recent work

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