As the days become longer and the cold weather distances itself, we know Spring and of course Easter are right around the corner. This year, Penny Markt joined forces with Ferrero Rocher to celebrate the annual Goldrausch cooperation and to welcome in the Easter season of 2016.

A Few Moving Parts


The task was to create an online sweepstakes that captured the essence of Penny, Ferrero Rocher, a bit of the Easter spirit and, of course, gold – a few moving parts, right?

We took these parts and did the only thing we could, we built a machine. A machine so quirky, it could only come from a fantasy land of Easter, gold and chocolate.

The Idea


We started by reducing the idea to it’s single main goal of customer lead generation. We then packaged it behind a highly visual and extremely simple mechanic. Visitors would simply click the “on” button to trigger the fireworks display of chocolate, gold and eggs. These elements would bounce freely over the screen and collect at the bottom, creating a golden egg. Fans could open the egg for their instant prize and enter to win various prizes by registering.



The machine was activated over 225.000 times, produced over 18.000 dozen golden eggs and reached a whoopping half a million people throughout Germany.

Recent work

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